Build Real Realationship With Your Customer

Content Marketing Services that support your brand and products.

Now you can get new customers who are interested in your product and services using TRUST

Use content to drive business growth.

Help you build and manage your content marketing hub.


Build long relationship with your customers and  get them to do acctions.

Your Budget

You do not need to pay high cost to use valuable content as a marketing tool.


You will have your content hub as a one place for your own content.

You are trustworthy

Introduces customers to your company or brand without being pushy thru content.


be different with your own custom qauilty content which supports and enhance your brand anywhere in the cloud.

Your Story

Extracts the compelling stories for your brand to share it in your content hub, web site, and socail media channels

All forms of content

blogs, whitepapers and articles, videos and podcasts, webpage content, press releases, presentations and more.


Create and use real valuable educational content to attract customers and increase profit.

TRUST is For Every Organization

Healthcare, Holding Companies, Education Institute, IT Services Provider, Government Agency, Non-profit Organization, retails, Trade companies, Factories, Consulting Firm, Restaurants, Software Provider, Training, Startups, eCommerce,

You need content marketing

Attract the Right Audience to your Products and Services

Educate your market and get attention

Collaborate with your Customers

Generate Leads and create sales

Lift Brand Awareness

Use Your Content to Reach Your Goals

With Content Marketing, everything start with content, content builds trust, trust creates relationships, relationships drives revenue. It is all about helping people in their problems and providing them something valuable,useful, and interested.

3 Stages to deliver the service for you


Generating ideas for your content based on brand, vision, and story you have.


Authoring, editing, visualizing the content based on your target audiences.


Distributing the content on your content hub and other social channels.

Content Marketing Services

Content Strategy

Create roadmap and define your persona and type of content you need


Content Creation

Development of original Arabic/English content that best for your target audiences

Content Distribution

Build you content hub which will be used as a main channel for your content marketing

Content Promotion

Use Social Media and online advertising to let people know about your content

Content Optimization

Help in achieve increased visibility and conversions for your content using keyword research, SEO, and user behavior analysis.


Content Management

Maintenance your content hub and provide the repeating needed to take decisions

Trusted Tools used to Streamline the production and publishing.

Use our Content Marketing services to let your customers trust you, learn from your knowledge and experience, and then move them to do action related to you

Frequently Asked Questions

Why DigitalX Consulting?

DigitalX consulting is a consulting firm that integrates between all aspects of digital transformation covering business, education, and communication. this will help you get complete content marketing service that covers all what you could need.

Why I have to come to you?

We are specialized in content development and doing it as a passion. We enjoy doing content marketing for you.

What your will provide for me?

Your budget will let us know what we can do for you each month. we will agree with you on plan first and after that we will start building your content hub and doing content development based on your needs and your audiences and …. your budget.

How can I start?

Just submit your information along with the budget that you can invest on content marketing per month. Our team will follow with you to sign the contract and start the service.

What is the minimum budget that you can accept?

There is not minimum but we do not think we can do much for you for less than 1000$ as a monthly payment. take note that for more budget, you can do more and get more results.

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