Any technical consulting, analysis and design process for systems or applications that does not end with a prototype is an incomplete work.
Being satisfied with only analytical documents, modeling, discussion and workshops will not lead to building an application or automating it properly.
The end user always needs to deal with something tangible that they can work on, experiment with, or at least visualize, and this can only be achieved through the miniature model.
The miniature model may be just a simple sketch of the user’s tour and this is the minimum accepted, and it may be a system or an approximate application that was created using one of the fast-moving development tools or just a user interface design.
The important thing is for the end user to see the result of the analysis, design or consulting process in a practical and visual manner before incurring costs and actual implementation, as this will bring the image closer to him and will reduce errors and problems and rework during implementation.
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